Sunday, March 3, 2013

Important: Read This First

Hopefully this is the first thing you read in this blog. It’s important that this is the case, because otherwise you’ll close the tab never to be back again. Now, all right, this might not change even after you read this, but hey—at least you gave me a fair chance to explain exactly what the hell I’m doing here.

The first thing I must say is that this blog has one specific purpose: to help skinny guys get huge, naturally. You won’t find here information on cutting and reducing fat, where to buy equipment, how to cycle steroids, or anything like that. If you’re reading this, you’re a small fellow looking to get large fellow.

Okay you don’t have to get Kai Greene huge. You can stop whenever you want. So if you’re still on board, let’s continue.

So here’s the deal. Bodybuilding and weightlifting in general get a bad rep, and weightlifters are often thought of as brutes whose only talent is “lifting heavy things now so I can lift heavier things later. *grunt*” Is this the case sometimes? Absolutely! I suppose the stereotype exists for a reason—but like all stereotypes, it’s mostly bogus.

If bodybuilding was as easy as lifting heavy things, every skinny guy who ever walked into a gym would become a monster, and every fat guy who stepped on a treadmill would get ripped. Consider this: how many times have people you know—or even yourself—decided to turn your life around and get fit, only to give up after two weeks because of a complete lack of results despite hours of effort and sweat in the gym?

That’s right, a metric shitload. And here’s the truth:

Making your muscles grow is easy. You don’t need dangerous or scary supplements. You just need to know what you're doing.

And you likely don’t. There are so many ways people rationalize their lack of results. "I'm naturally skinny." "My metabolism is too fast!" "I just can't gain weight!" blah, blah, blah. Bullshit. The load of it. 

This is when I get into my own story. This is me circa 2007:

The girly dude, not the amorphous blob.
I was tearing up the scale at a whopping 120 lbs. I hated being so puny, as many small guys do (and probably lie about). I had several false starts when I went to the gym for a couple of months and saw absolutely no results except maybe a bit of strength gains.

I remember in late 2009 browsing the double-u-double-u-double-u and making the decision of trying again, only this time did the thing I should’ve done ages ago: some actual fucking research. So I discovered about nutrition; specifically, the very simple rule of eat like a motherfather. I got my first "nice arms" two weeks later.

It was that easy. 
At first.

This is me at the end of 2012:

#NoFilter #JustOutOfOcean
I haven’t stepped on a scale in a few weeks, but I was somewhere around 220 lbs then; I might be a big heavier now—dunno; I don’t pay that much attention to the scale (lesson #1!).

In three years (the pic is from 07, but I started working out in 09), I gained more or less 100 lbs. I haven’t used steroids of any sort (I’m too much of a pussy for that stuff). It’s changed my life in every way, and I’ll talk about the details in due time. Am I done? No, not really. Who knows how much more I can change—I intend to find out.

So this is where I want to differentiate this from other blogs:

I will focus on one thing: bulking tips for naturally skinny guys.
Ectomorphs, hardgainers, or whatever you want to call yourselves. I don’t know squat (ha!) about cutting, cycling AAS, etc.; but I do have first-hand experience in dramatic muscle growth. I can help there.

This is aimed at the casual bodybuilder.
I personally have no interest in competitive bodybuilding. I love working out, I love sculpting my body. I love becoming stronger. I don’t much care about posing and being judged. I respect that side of the sport, no doubt, but it’s not for me—chances are it’s not for you either. You can decide along the way.

I don’t set strict rules.
I personally don’t subscribe to almost any of the bodybuilding circle jerks and conventions, and doing precisely that—challenging the cynical already-set “rules”—has given me great success. With that philosophy in mind, I’d like you to read what I write and do with it what you choose, assuming of course that you have the one goal: to grow.

To make this clearer, I don't believe in strict programs because I don't think they are much good. Every body reacts different to certain stimulus. I'd rather tell you what I know and you figure out through experimentation how your body reacts to bodybuilding, and use it to capitalize on that.

Zero bullshit policy.
I have absolutely no reason to lie to you. I’m not selling some shitty PDF. I don’t get a cent out of this blog. I won't ask for donations. I know—why even have it, right? I don’t know. I like writing, for one. But also, I know there are others out there who, like me, want to change their bodies. I can just give you the guarantee that if you learn the basics, you can take off on your own, as you learn how your body reacts to certain things, like I did.

So that’s basically it. I’m giving you something you can choose to take, or ignore. If you pay attention, at least to the basics, I guarantee your muscles will grow and you’ll see results incredibly fast—just learn from my experience and then craft your own.


  1. Im glad I found this, I'm one of those skinny dudes.

  2. but it’s also a good idea to assign one or two colors from your wardrobe exclusively for gym wear and n othing else. Nathan