Saturday, March 2, 2013


Just reading this blog makes you huge*.

New blog. New topic. Same writing style. Having been through some stuff lately, I decided to finally launch "Wolf In A Gorilla Suit (In Gym Clotes)", the awkardly named bodybuilding brother of my media blog, the idea of which I had been toying with for a while.

During this following week I'm gonna start filling this bitch with some very important information, the kind I just immediately need to get out in the open to try and differentiate myself from the ten thousand trillion other bodybuilding bloggers out there. I legit believe I have shit to say about this because I've experienced a dramatic change myself, and this is shit that will probably help skinny fellows who want to change their bodies and lives but haven't been able to thanks to crappy sites, misinformed friends, and misguided instincts.

So kindly disregard this first post, and wait a little bit while I start outlining each individual column, writing the very important "About" post, and get things rolling.

*though probably not. Guess it can't hurt to experiment and just read it a lot.

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